Painterly Collagraph Workshop

Instructor: Trish Meyer

Location: Remarque/New Grounds Print Workshop & Gallery
Address: 3812 Central Ave SE 100 B, Albuquerque, NM 87108

Class dates: Two Sunday Afternoons, Oct 14 and 21, 2018

Class time: 1 PM – 5 PM

Class fee: $150+ tax

Supplies List: All paper and materials will be supplied


In this class you’ll discover methods for creating rich, expressive, painterly prints. By understanding how various acrylic gels and pastes will ink up, you’ll learn how to plan the “values” in your print. Unlike collagraphs created with mat board and collaged elements, this method produces a final plate that is very durable and that doesn’t require sealing.

We’ll also use Akua’s Carborundum Gel and fine carborundum grit – both of which can be used with stencils – and explore ways to make the results more expressive with random textural qualities and thin calligraphic lines. Both smooth and textured plates will be provided, allowing for more creative possibilities.

These painterly methods allow the printmaker to adapt the techniques to their own individual mark making, and doesn’t involve expensive materials to crimp your style!

About Your instructor

Trish Meyer, is an experimental artist, printmaker and calligrapher with a background in graphic design. Trish employs a wide range of techniques including collagraph, lithography, mokulito and photo processes, with a blend of calligraphic marks and hi-tech digital imagery.