Splash Ink for Chine Collé


Learn to create splash ink paper and add colorful backgrounds to almost any printmaking technique.

The traditional splash ink process involves layering Asian paper, pouring primary colored and black ink, and using the resulting paper as a “start” for a finished painting. Your instructor has adapted this time-honored splash ink process to create chine collé paper that can transform simple black-and-white prints into full-color works of art! And there are many more uses for the gorgeous papers you’ll create in this class.

On the first day, you’ll pour watercolor and acrylic ink; the top layers will have a strong, bold color while the bottom layers can be quite delicate. You can also use objects in-between the layers to create interesting shapes, particularly if you want to use the papers for collage.

On the second day, you’ll use your own printing plates to overprint onto the splash ink paper using a process called chine collé. The splash ink paper is first dampened and dusted with wheat paste, then the chine collé paper and the heavier support sheet are placed on top of the inked plate and run together through the printing press. Tips for managing moisture levels and adjusting for paper stretch will be given. For woodblock printing, you can choose to print by hand.

There are many other uses for the gorgeous splash ink papers you’ll create. For those interested in collage or mixed media, your instructor will demonstrate how to control the transparency of collage layers by using specific acrylic products.

The splash ink paper can also be overprinted with digital imagery in an inkjet or laser printer; best practices for this technique will also be discussed.

What to Bring

On Sunday, please bring a few small plates to print on top of your splash ink paper. You can print woodblocks by hand or ink up collagraphs, photogravure, or copper plates. If you prefer to collage instead, please bring other collage materials for your design.

For splash ink, a set of basic watercolors will be available to share but you are encouraged to bring your favorite colors (we all have different tastes). Colors that blend well are modern transparent colors such as quinacridones, phthalo, pyrrol, hansa, and so on. Heavier pigments made from ground earth, such as raw sienna, iridescents, and Primatek™, do not flow as well but can still create nice results. Feel free to bring any other delicate washi paper you would like to try (strong-when-wet papers work best).

Included in your class fee are two large sheets of Asian paper (30 x 56 inches) plus one sheet of printmaking paper. Additional paper may be purchased. Printmaking studio supplies and a wide range of Akua Intaglio inks are also available for use.

About Your instructor

Trish Meyer is an experimental artist, printmaker and calligrapher with a background in graphic design. Trish employs a wide range of techniques including collagraph, lithography, mokulito and photo processes, with a blend of calligraphic marks and hi-tech digital imagery.

Instructor: Trish Meyer

Location: Remarque Print Workshop
3812 Central Ave SE 100 B
Albuquerque, New Mexico 87108, USA

Class dates: Saturday–Sunday (dates POSTPONED due to Covid-19 restrictions)

Class time: 1–5 PM each day

Class fee:  $140 plus tax, includes most materials (see What to Bring). Additional paper may be purchased.