Trish Meyer

Sandia Park, New Mexico

“After exploring a wide range of art techniques and materials over the past decade, I’ve discovered that printmaking allows my left brain to plan and measure while treating my right brain to happy accidents – a perfect blend! I find myself inspired by the unexpected after spending my career creating computer graphics where pixels and words are formed with a great degree of control. The more graphics I designed, the more I yearned to create personal calligraphic marks.

“While I practice traditional printmaking techniques, I find my inner geek is creeping back in. I add animation frames frozen in time and rendered with ink on paper. I embrace the unusual combinations and possibilities that can be found between various digital printers and my hand-cranked etching press – designing pixels that you can hold in your hand.

“To balance my inner geek, I practice traditional calligraphy from gothic to copperplate. I write many layers of expressive calligraphic marks on my plate; my private thoughts appear as abstract images when printed in reverse. In addition, I enjoy working with tactile media – such as encaustic, fiber, and handmade artist books.

“My hybrid prints merge traditional printmaking and calligraphy with digital imagery to reflect the complex and often chaotic relationships introduced by modern forms of communication. I relish the synergy of old and new, low-tech and hi-tech, the past and the future. Recurring themes related to migration, friendships and ancient history often appear, usually with more questions than answers.”

Trish Meyer, a native of Dublin, Ireland, enjoyed a variety of creative careers from musician to motion graphics designer and author, before falling under the printmaking spell. Trish employs a wide range of techniques including collagraph, lithography, mokulito and photo processes, with a blend of calligraphic marks and hi-tech digital imagery.